FAQ - Custom Items


  • Each custom item is unique and requires it's own process and pricing. Pricing is based on: type of item (shoe, bag, jacket, etc.), the artwork/complexity of the design, and the amount of details/time going into the customization. All custom Pricing is NON-NEGOTIABLE. All orders must be paid in FULL prior to the start of the customization process.

How Long Will It Take?

  • This depends on several factors: number of orders in front of yours, time of year, complexity of design, scope of design (full shoe vs. partial shoe or smaller design). While I always strive to adhere to the estimated timelines, please understand this is art and quality art takes time. I am a perfectionist and take great pride in the work I do, so that I may pass a high-quality product onto you. I will keep you updated as the process moves along , but feel free to reach out directly via email if you have questions during my creative process. Thank you for your patience!

Proper Care

  • I use Angelus Paint products and they are specifically formulated for shoes and fabrics of all kinds (canvas, leather, suede, etc.) I also utilize sealers from LK Top Coats, which ensure that your custom artwork will last the lifetime of the shoe, bag, etc. These products are the best quality paints and finishers in the business. The process of creating a custom requires proper preparation of the item, proper application of the paint layers, and finally proper sealing of the design. I take great care in paying attention to each part of the creative process, so that the finished product is something spectacular and lasting. Under normal, casual wearing conditions your shoes will last the lifespan of a regular pair of shoes. Keep in mind you are wearing "custom works of art". You just paid and waited for your custom item, treat them with care.
  • The paint has a permanent bond with the shoe. It is waterproof as much as the base shoe was. Don't be concerned if you wear them in the rain or inclement weather. (I would avoid mud puddles, however.)
  • Sometimes, mud puddles, grime, food fights, and spilled drinks happen. How do you clean your customs without ruining the artwork? The best proven method is to utilize a gentle foam cleaner, such as Angelus Brand Foam-tex and a microfiber cloth. For on the go accidents, or just general dirt/dust removal, warm water on a soft cloth or damp paper towel will work just fine.  Don't scrub them or use any abrasive sponges or cleaners. Use common sense, and things will be just fine.

Sending In Your Item(s) For Customization

  • Any type of shoe can be customized, as long as they are leather, leather upper, canvas, jean, or suede (full, real fabrics). Rubber shoes (aka Crocs) cannot be customized as the paint does not adhere properly to rubber. The item (shoes, bag, jacket, etc.) must be new condition. I require that you expressly communicate what type of item you are sending in prior to the order acceptance, and if the item is received in non-new condition, I reserve the right to send it back at the client's expense.
Damaged Design
  • Custom pieces are made to hold up remarkably well in daily wear. If you end up scraping, scratching or damaging a custom product, please contact me directly via email (thejennifereffect@gmail.com) and I will do my best to get your item repaired to the best of my ability. You are responsible for shipping charges.
  • I do not do restorations on old, vintage, worn shoes. I do not restore or repair shoes that have someone else's existing design on them.

Do You Ship Outside The US?

  • Yes, I am absolutely able to ship anywhere in the world. Please contact me directly if you have specific questions regarding this. If there's a way to ship something to where you are, I will find it!
Return Policy
  • Due to the nature of these products, all custom orders are final sales. I do not offer a return policy on custom items.